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Eddy Current Separators

An eddy current separator consists of a rotating high-speed magnetic rotor that runs independently from the outer shell. Separation occurs when a non-ferrous metal i.e aluminum is conveyed into the magnetic field and is exposed to rapidly changing field polarity.

This induces 'eddy currents' into the metal, generating an electrical current (Fleming's left-hand rule) that in turn creates its own magnetic field. The created pole is the same as the pole that created it on the rotor (i.e North vs North) which then causes the non-ferrous metal to be repelled.


An adjustable splitter is provided so that depending on the metal size it can be adjusted to give optimal separation.

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Overband Magnetics

Permanent magnetic overbands utilize fully saturated Ferrite magnets to lift, then automatically discard tramp metals that are present in the conveyed material beneath. These machines can be installed inline over a non-magnetic head pulley or crossbelt to discharge off the side of a conveyor.

The strong magnetic field magnetizes the ferrous contamination which is attracted to the face of the magnet whilst it's continuously spinning self-cleaning rubber belt moves the ferrous out of the field where it de-magnetizes and falls away.

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Drum Magnets

Permanent magnetic drums utilize either fully saturated Ferrite or rare Earth magnets to separate ferrous metal out of the material stream that is presented across the full width of the drum's surface.

The internal magnet system is stationary, while the outer cover rotates to clean away the extract ferrous material held to the drums cover.

Drums can have either an axial pole configuration that alternates between North & South, flipping the material to provide as clean an end product as possible.



The Radial pole gives maximum strength on the surface for fine or weakly magnetic metals. 

The strong magnetic field magnetizes the ferrous contamination which is attracted to the face of the cover and moves independently from the stationary magnet system.


The ferrous metal is moved around the circumference of the drum to where the magnets finish, de-magnetize and fall away.


Magnetic drum.jpg

Our Turnkey Solutions

We can offer full turnkey solutions with in-house designed ad manufactured conveying systems to complement any magnetic separation equipment whether the material be wood chip, RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) or MSW (Municipal Solid Waste).

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