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Enigma was recently called in to help rebuild an ECS on an IBA process line for one of the industries largest energy from waste providers.

After their rotor experienced a catastrophic failure, Enigma were contacted to identify the cause of the event and advice on the possibility of repairing their damaged ECS rotor.

Enigma moved quickly to ensure that the customer experienced minimal disruption to their line by providing one of our purpose designed dummy rotors, which enabled the plant to continue to move the material through their downstream process with minimal downtime.

The client then decided to purchase a new rotor and Enigma were instructed to rebuild the ECS back to it's original equipment manufacturer specification.

Enigma worked fast to get the customer back up and running with a fresh ECS process so they could continue their operation as normal.

We offer a round the clock emergency breakdown service so that we can be there to support you whenever trouble strikes.

If you are concerned about the performance of your magnetic and screening processing equipment, then don't wait until disaster hits before taking action!

To learn more about how our in-depth Equipment Inspection reports can help you contact us at sales@enigmaengineers.com or call us on 01902 238111.

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