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Leading Electrical Recycler Relies on Enigma to Resolve and Improve Processing Equipment!

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

How We Could Help Them?

After ten years operating within this market, the client noticed that the increase in the stainless material present within his product, had increased to a level that was creating major issues to his processing equipment.

His down time had increased by 40%, due to the material continually damaging his magnets and screens from the increased level of ferrous and non-ferrous material present.

Enigma/iFE were contacted in an effort to reduce the down time and improve recovery rates back to 85% +.

This involved Enigma attending the sight to identify the areas for all the issues and producing an urgent report highlighting what the causes were and what was necessary to reverse the trend.

The client gave Enigma a deadline to resolve the issues and improve the recovery rates of his process, which had to be achieved within a strict window due to the presence of an upcoming inspection from the Environmental agency.

Enigma successfully managed to achieve the set goals by recalibrating the clients magnets and correctly setting up his ECS equipment, which increased the recovery of the stainless and ferrous material back to the original percentages achieved 10 years ago.

This was carried out over a couple of days and since then the client has requested Enigma's service contract be applied to a variety of other group sites due to our successful completion of this project.

How Can You Request Enigma's Help On Your Own Site?

Feel free to contact us via email or phone throughout our office hours. We will be happy to help you with any of your queries and you can even request a fully qualified engineer to attend your site and discuss your situation in detail.


If you're in need of emergency assistance then feel free to contact our out of office hours contact number and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible to respond to your call.

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