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Leading European Recycler Improves Metal Fines Recovery Process!

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Following the success by Enigma/IFE of a cleaning process for a Welsh independent recycling company.

Enigma was contacted by a leading national metals recycler with regards to improving their existing fines recovery process.

Following several meetings with the client, Enigma was able to offer a comprehensive solution that would achieve his requirements in the restricted time frame required and within the clients budget.

On presentation of Enigma's new process design and specification for the project, we were successful in acquiring the contract to carry out the fines upgrade required.

This project included the design, manufacture and installation of 3 new conveyors within the existing fines process, redirection of an existing 33 meter incline conveyor as well as extending the discharge and infeed sections to this conveyor.

Enigma was also required to modify the discharges from upstream processes that fed waste fines onto the existing conveyor arrangement.

These processes included modifying and amending the discharges from a water table process, ECS, DSRP and from a fines waste vibratory screen.

After several months of design and manufacture the installation was planned and carried out over 3 separate phases, which consisted of several weeks of the Enigma team gradually working through the plant and solving each issue to create a smooth highly efficient process all the way through.

The project was an amazing success as the client has been able to introduce new products, increase his throughput (tonnage per hour) and reduce downtime.

We are pleased to say that the client has been in contact with Enigma since the completion of this project in talks of further improvements within their over all oppression and other sites throughout the group.

If you're looking for a solution to improve the recovery of your fines waste (metals or municiple), do not hesitate to contact Enigma/IFE who will gladly provide you with an effective solution for any of your needs!

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