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National Waste management group relies on Enigma to improve their Aluminum recovery process!

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

After many years of operating, this client had realized that they were loosing 35% of their aluminium below a certain fraction in their inert waste.

They requested assistance from Enigma to identify the cause and what could be done to rectify this problem.

Enigma was able to identify the original process requirements for the plant, which iFE used to identify which equipment to supply and it was identified that the client had increased his throughput since the plant was first operated by over 200%.

Therefore the increased volumes had not been accounted for over the years which led to a lack of separation of Aluminium from the waste stream.

The client had used several other companies over the years to service and maintain his process, but they hadn't made correct adjustments to the equipment to prevent this issue occurring.

Enigma once approached, immediately carried out an inspection and adjustments that reduced the loss level of Aluminium into the waste and also identified that certain equipment had not been maintained to the accepted standard and was close to failure.

Enigma carried out appropriate repairs and servicing, which then led to improvements in the process and an order for the supply of a new magnet.

New iFE equipment and an improved process was installed by Enigma in May 2018 and ran smoothly immediately after it was completed.

Since then we've carried out the same plant analysis at another of the clients sights and identified similar issues which we are now working with them to resolve.

This will save the client a vast amount of time and profits in the future now that all of their plants are on the way to running in top condition and reducing their waste to a minimum.

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