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Rebuilding Damaged Screen Back to Industry Standard!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021



Recently, Enigma was approached by a well-known East Midlands Waste Management Company to inspect and repair a glass cullet screen (originally purchased in 2015) back to good health.

The screen had been in constant operation and undergone a series of makeshift repairs until it had eventually become so worn out and damaged that the entire body had become unfit and dangerous to continue its operation.

As the original suppliers of the screen, we were approached to rebuild the screen back to industry standards using a new body direct from iFE and a mixture of new spares and existing components that were still serviceable.

Our team of highly trained engineers set to work producing new abrasion-resistant liners to increase the longevity of the screen and reduce wear around the screening mats.

We also installed a new lower screening deck securing system to correct the tolerance and securely hold the screen mats in place. The Service department also repaired and provided a new Louvre screening deck. Reconditioned iFE vibratory motors that were supplied by the client as per the recommendations stated within the Enigma Service report were also installed, alongside supplying new skirting and a discharge chute. All the work was carried out by Enigma Engineers at our workshop in the West Midlands. The screen is due to be dispatched and reinstalled into operation within the next few weeks.

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