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The Engineering Team That's Packing A Mighty Punch In The Recycling Industry!

Enigma has been building a reputation as one of the top go-to Engineering companies in providing custom-built process upgrades and redesigns for some of the leading municipal, metal and electrical recyclers in the UK.

The managing director of the company, Ian Dezonie notes "We pride ourselves on our ability to build processes specifically to our client's needs, and work with them from start to finish (design to installation) to ensure they have a system that works perfectly for them".

Recently, Enigma undertook a project for CSS Recycling in Newbury Berkshire one of the leading independent Weee recyclers in the UK , in which they were asked to provide a bespoke Turn-Key Solution on a limited time scale and around the confines of one of their plants.

The client also required the plant to remain operational throughout the installation of the new process. With over 30 years experience in designing process equipment, Enigma set about creating a solution to significantly increase the recycling plants capacity.

The customer requested to upgrade their existing process to optimise their output and increase the capacity with the new equipment Enigma would design and put in place.

After an initial consultation and design meeting, Enigma came up with a strong bespoke process upgrade that suited the customer's requirements.

Our team of engineers and fabricators set about manufacturing the additional structures required for the process in our West Midlands based workshop.

The new process Enigma would need to create would require new conveyors, walkways, access ladders and support structures to feed a new iFE screen which would segregate the material into two fractions, with the larger fraction feeding the existing picking line.

Along with the supply of the screen, Enigma also needed to manufacture a return inline conveyor underneath the screen to take the material to an incline conveyor that would then discharge the smaller fraction onto the brand new 800mm wide picking line.

Due to the vast scope of the install, the experienced Enigma team worked diligently to design, manufacture and install the new process over several weeks, to minimize disruption to the existing line and allow the company to continue processing whilst the new equipment was efficiently installed.

Upon competition, the plant was able to pick back up right where they left off with minimal impact and a new high functioning process with increased capacity as set out by the customer.

Managing Director - Andrew Braysher says “We are very pleased with the installation and quality of Enigma’s engineering and products and have subsequently placed 3 more orders for other projects within the business”.

Enigma already work with a large number of the UK's leading Recyclers offering customers innovative bespoke processes and a range of comprehensive service contracts for both new and existing iFE equipment.

It's our mission to provide our clients with the highest quality bulk handling equipment, exceptional one-to-one customer service, and cutting-edge engineering solutions for the recycling industry.

We pride ourselves on ensuring all of our clients receive the best guidance and support that we can offer.

To learn more about our process upgrades or plant packages, please enquire to Andrew or Ian on 01902 238111 or email us at sales@enigmaengineers.com to have a free 1:1 consultation regarding your needs.

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