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Enigma is currently at work on an exceptional project to install a new C&D to RDF plant for one of the Largest Waste Management companies in the Northwest of England. We wanted to share some updates on the progress the team has made during the design, manufacture, and installation of this bespoke plant.

Nihot in position and the ducting installed.

We've installed two new Nihot Air Density Separators and we're in the process of building 4 new material

sorting lines and integrating them with existing process lines.

Enigma has also incorporated the clients existing trommel into our new process on a newly designed structure featuring a return conveyor.

The next phase of the project will involve the installation of a further 30+ conveyors designed and manufactured by Enigma Engineers that will transfer the client's product from new Metso shredders via two iFE waste screens to create two screen fractions before being transferred through iFE magnets to the Nihot units.

Photos: Taken on-site via Enigma Engineers.

We look forward to continuing to work with our client and build this RDF plant to their exact requirements and will keep you updated with how everything is coming along over the next few weeks.

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