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As the Authorized Service Partner to iFE Austria based in the West Midlands UK, Enigma is fully focused on providing all UK based iFE customers with exceptional one on one guidance and technical support in improving the efficiency and productivity of their recycling or quarrying plants.


We guide our customers to the right solution for their process and equipment problems by offering top quality bulk handling machinery and spares, outstanding custom all-in-one design and installation packages and round the clock 24 hour technical support to ensure your peace of mind and guarantee our long standing commitment to support our customers far past industry standards. 


We've worked with a wide variety of recycling and quarrying clients from powerhouses such as Viridor, Veolia and Wastecycle to small independent plants and new startups to ensure they receive outstanding advice and support from both iFE and Enigma in helping to optimize their equipment and processes to gain the very best in end results.


We specialize in helping you achieve a cleaner end product, exceptional efficiency in sorting and less waste at the end of the line. From entire process design to simply suppling you with the right machinery and spares we have everything you'll need to help you reach your plants full potential and solve the problems keeping you from achieving your recycling goals.           


Are you looking for a way to produce a cleaner end product?

Do you need a process upgrade?

Do you need an equipment upgrade?

Are you looking for a process to clean your materials?

Are you looking to make huge savings on Landfill Tax Fines?

Do you want to filter fines from your end product?

Are you looking for exceptional screening for your plant?

Are you searching for the perfect vibroconveyor or magentic screen?

Are you looking for iFE spares in the UK?

Does your plant need iFE equipment maintenance or servicing?

Are you looking for a custom designed process to improve your plant?

Are you looking for advice on how to improve the efficiency of your plant?


Regardless of your plants needs we're here to help. With over 25 years extensive experience in engineering, bulk handling equipment installation and maintenance and as the authorized iFE service partners in the UK we're in a unique position to offer you the latest in iFE technology, custom process design and round the clock technical support.


Working exclusively as UK partners with iFE Austria who specialize in manufacturing outstanding screening machines, conveyors and magnetic separators we're able to guarantee our customers exceptional equipment quality, alongside experienced installation and technical support to ensure your new machine or process set-up runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


As we handle everything in house, from the moment you place your order whether it be for a new iFE machine, a custom process or new spares you can rest assured that we will be in charge of the entire process from start to finish and our teams focus will be set on meeting our customers expectations all the way through. 


At Enigma, we aim to make it easier for UK customers to purchase, install and enjoy the very best in what iFE Bulk Handling has to offer and with our small team of experienced engineers, process designers and consultants we focus on helping you reach your plants full potential with our support.


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Please email us or give us a call. 


P.S If you let us know your request is urgent via email then a member of our team will be in contact with a response or to request a site visit as soon as possible. 


Alternatively call our main office within working hours 8.00am - 6.00pm for advice or technical support.



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Engmia Engineers Design and Fabrication of iFE Waste Screen
Enigma Engineers Waste Screen Instalation


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